‘5J Predictions’

Global chip shortage- Is chip based computing on verge of disruption ?:

In pre-Covid world we were discussing about disruption of Moore’s law which also implied that Chip based computing technology not going to ramp up like in past years to meet computing power needs of emerging Applications of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). That was one of the driver for researchers and Tech. firms to research for futuristic computing which also involves non-chip based computing technologies and Quantum Computing. But since last year, after breakout of Covid-19, Semiconductor Chip industry is also going through lots of supply chain disruptions and today Semiconductor chip shortage has emerged as one of the key global problem which is  impacting Automobile Industry to Consumer Electronic Industry to Medical Device industry. So in the post-Covid world a new driver for alternative of present day Chip based computing has emerged due to supply chain limitations specifically due to long lead time in augmenting Fab productions which goes in chip making.

Early last year itself I envisioned emergence of Non-Chip based computing which I termed as AirComputing™*,  as present days Silicon based computing is getting saturated fast in terms of supporting newer generation faster computing needs of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) applications, and now in post Covid world, global shortage of semi-conductor based computing chips is acting as one more driver for strong needs for a Non-Chip based alternate computing Technology in form of AirComputing™.

Today’s shortage of Semiconductor Chips due to disruptions in its supply chains, reinforces our vision to have Non-Chip based computing Technology developed for deployment into mainstream computing applications and AirComputing™ research which was launched by us early last year is going to create a futuristic computing around Air as computing medium, which is going to be a non-chip based computing technology.

I call to all Global companies in impacted industry sectors like Automobile industry, Consumer Electronics industry, Gaming Electronics industry, Computer and Laptop industry, Medical Device industry, Mobile industry to come forward in supporting research efforts for faster developing Non-Chip based computing AirComputing™ which paves a way for Computing Any Where for Every One to mitigate any future crisis like what industry is witnessing today due to chips shortage, leading to loss of Billions of Dollars of revenues.

-Sumant Parimal, Chief Analyst, 5Jewels Research

*AirComputing™ is a trade mark of 5 Jewels Research, which is a futuristic computing technology for using Air Atoms as computing medium

Digital Transformation is going to happen fast during Covid19 era: Disruptions due to Covid19 has emerged as multidimensional. Many organizations were unprepared for such disruptions. It has been observed that organizations who are better digitized are better in responding to challenges thrown open by Covid19. Many organizations also used this disruption for going digital to higher extent for keeping their operations functioning to the best possible extent. So business continuity at the time of pandemic disruptions can be best addressed by going digital to a maximum extent. So our predictions are that digital Transformation is going to happen fast during Covid19 era, and organizations are going to adopt higher digital technologies, automation and AI technologies.